Seagull Regulation

With Sky Level you can avoid seagulls on your building.

On this page you can, among other things, read about the methodes, price, and our treatment guarantee.

Avoid seagull chicks on your building


1. We agree on a time for inspection where we establish the problem and its extend.

2. Sky Level finds a solution for the problem and informs about pricing and execution of

The treatment

3. We agree on a time for the treatment.

4. The treatment will be executed on the agreed upon area.

5. Sky Level gives advice on after treatment

We experience desperate residents in the areas troubled by seagulls,
who gets annoyed of the noise and feces from the seagulls.
With our drones we can solve these problems.Anders Olsen, robot- and drone pilot from Sky Level

Sky Level in the very front of the fight against seagulls.

Sky Level has gained profound knowledge about legislation and fighting the seagulls in cooperation with Naturstyrelsen,
Odense kommune, Nordfyns Kommune, Civica, Specialist in pediatric and
Ringmærkningscentralen at University of Copenhagen.

Fighting seagulls with Sky Level

Buy the service from Sky Level, who uses robot vehicles and drones in difficult to reach areas,
for example roof constructions on apartment complexes.
When the seagulls have laid their eggs, we will use Sky levels foods approved special mix.

Approval from Naturstyrelsen is required.

Contact Sky Level for the approval, or use this link: Regulering af skadevoldende vildt – ansøgning

Why avoid seagulls?

Many are bothered by the presence of seagulls because of their noise, feces and them going through the trash. But the presence of seagulls can cause more than just noise and mess, they can be carrying several diseases as well. With Sky Level you are able to avoid troubles and sicknesses like:

Salmonella, Escherichia coli (E.coli) and fungal infections

NOISE: When seagull eggs hatches the noise from the chicks become extra high. Therefore it is best to spray the eggs before that happens. The spay Sky level uses does not harm the birds, but prevents the eggs from hatching, so you avoid more noises and a new generation of seagulls.

SCRATCHES IN THE CAR PAINT: Bird droppings is one of the things people find most troubling, when having seagulls in their neighborhood. It is not nice to look at the droppings on cars, and on the ground, and because of the acid in the droppings, it can ruin the paint on the cars that are hit with it.


The price depends on the type of roof structure, the number of nests and how many square meters the roof of the building is. Prices will therefore vary, and we always recommend an inspection of the building from a consultant from Sky Level to get an accurate price.

Måge problemer på tag, bekæmpes effektivt med droner

Example of pricing:

This is an example of spraying seagull eggs in Odense V.

First the approval from Naturstyrelsen was be optaint, which can me made here: Regulering af skadevoldende vildt – ansøgning

After this, Sky level flew over the building with the drone, to map where the nests were. (see picture above)

When the nests had been located, the robot vehicle was used to spray oil on the eggs.

This building is about 400 square meters with 2 stairways and had 13 nests. We must come back at least 9 times with the drone and robot vehicle from april to august, to be able to guarantee that no eggs will hatch. For this task Sky level uses a foods approved special mix.

Price: 11.950 kr. ex moms.
All prices are ex. Moms

Guaranteed minimization of seagulls

Many methods for fighting seagulls often has low or no effect. By using drones
and robot vehicles, our methods are so effective, we guarantee treated roofs
will not have any nests afterwards.

Two very used techniques are dragon hawks or hunters. The dragon hawk has a
very limited effect on the seagulls, because the birds gets use to the dragon, and it loses its effect completely in calm weather.
It also has a doubting effect to use hunters, because it is hard to shoot enough seagulls to make a difference.
The seagulls will quickly return when the hunter leaves,
and it can make to residents uncomfortable to have someone shooting near their building.

The drones Sky level uses won’t bother the residents in the process, and they are much more effective, and we can therefore guarantee
treated roofs won’t have new seagull eggs after our treatment.

Here you will se seagulls still vacating the roofs even after the dragon hawks is placed.
A hunter on the hunt for seagulls. It is time consuming, disrupting, and has no long term effect.

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