We want to utilice dones, how do we get started?

 There are many new things that can be taken to the heights when you are able to fly a drone. That is why we offer counseling, so you can get a good start. We offer two meetings with the experts of Sky Level, so together we can find your needs and how best to cover them. 

1. Exploration of the needs

What are your wishes, needs and expectations to the drone technology?

We listen to your needs and afterwards present you with what possibilities there are to fulfill them.

The drone technology offers many different platforms to solve a number of tasks. We will counsel you to get the optimal solution.

2. Presentation of offer

We present you with an offer of the optimal drone solution, shaped to your needs. Furthermore we will give you an education offer for one of your own to become a drone pilot.

Then we prepare a contract for corporation.

We educate you in safety, theory, handling and flying the drone and we will assemble the drone so it is 100% flight ready when you receive it.

Sky Level offers emergency assistance and counseling. We are ready if a company is in an acute situation, where there is need for assistance or counseling.

Wish for counseling?

Call or e-mail us, and we will arrange a meeting at our office or yours.

Contact us

Contact us

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Phone: (+45) 31 13 14 77
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